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Manmade Giant Tornado / Waterspouts - Localised Defence


Singapore New Main Battle Tank

Winston Main Battle Tank Auto Loading 130mm Gun


Leopard 2A4 Gun Extension L44 to L55 using In House Technology


Leopard 2 Extreme Upgrade Package


AMX10 APC upgrade to 105/120mm Gun Turret & Bionix Engine


Jaguar Battle Tank 105/120mm Gun with Missile Firing option


Leopard 1 SG Amphibious & Up Gun 120mm Variants


Upgrade Leopard 2 Tank Gun to NATO 120mm L52 Gun


OEM Battle Tank Chassis for sale


SG light Battle Tank 120mm Gun & Chassis Integration


AMX 90C Light Tank Upgraded from AMX 13


Buy& Sell Used German Leopard 1 Battle Tank


Fighter Jet Aircraft Launching System Projects

Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System (EMALS) Catapult


Wind Tunnel Technology for F15SG Vertical Takeoff


IFV & Battle Tank Amphibious Float Kits

AFV / IFV Amphibious Sea Float Device


Leopard 2 SG Amphibious Oxygen Kit


Other Military Project & Services

Terrex & Bionix Electric Propulsion Option Add on


Terrex Mini Float Bridge Add on Module


Singapore New F35 Naval Aircraft Carrier


Himars & Primus Ammo Resupply Vehicle


Expeditionary HIMARS on Tracked Vehicle


Expeditionary Pegasus 155mm Howitzer on Tracked Vehicle


Synthetic Diesel Fuel - Long Term Storage Military Vehicles



http://www.windtunnelf15verticaltakeoff.euroau.com/index_files/image008.jpgSingapore 4th Generation Winston Main Battle Tank 120mm Auto-Loading Gun

Leopard 1 SG Amphibious 8 wheels Tank Destroyer 105mm Gun VariantLeopard 1 SG Auto-Loading 120mm Gun Battle TankTitle: AMX 10 upgrade to 105 / 120 mm Gun Turret

Title: Singapore Jaguar Battle Tank 105mm & 120mm - Description: Singapore Jaguar Battle Tank 105mm & 120mmLeopard 2 SG Battle Tank Underwater River Bed or Narrow Sea Bed Crossing Oxygen Kit for Crew & Engine combustiontumblr_nsg4a2vbDs1soir95o1_500Singapore 4th Generation Winston Battle Tank Turret NATO 120mm Gun Auto-loading

OEM Battle Tank Chassis - Eastern European DesignSingapore Expeditionary Pegasus 155mm Howitzer Tracked VehicleHIMARS Rocket Ammunition Re-supply Tracked Vehicle new amphibious kit 1423

Bionix Amphibious Float KitBionix Amphibious Float KitBionix Amphibious Float KitBionix Front Pontoon Amphibious Float Kit Bionix Wave Breaker Front Arc Amphibious Float Kit

Terrex Mini Amphibious Floating Bridge opened up with Inflated 3/4 Cylindrical Shaped Rubber Pontoon floatTop View - Terrex Mini Amphibious Floating Bridge open up4 Terrex Mini Amphibious Floating Bridge for light Amour Vehicles in Real River Crossing Condition

SG Light Tank 105mm GunTurret cube steel structure holder inserted & welded onto bottom base plate of the light tank chassis Local IFV chassis with internal cube steel structure holder inserted & welded onto bottom base plate of the chassis SG Light Tank 120mm Gun mounted on Local IFV chassis - Technology Breakthrough on turret mounting onto internal cube steel structure holder welded to base plate of the chassis

SG Tank Destroyer 120mm  - Turret Gun are installed with the help of an Turret Cube Steel Structure bolted to the bottom plate of the ICV chassis.Singapore AMX 90C Light Tankamx 90c front slope amouredSingapore Rhinoceros Main Battle Tank 120mm Gun

SSPH 1 Primus Ammunition 155mm Round Re-supply Tracked Vehicle Singapore Expeditionary HIMARS Tracked Vehicle IntegrationSingapore Expeditionary SSPH Primus 155mm Turret & Tracked OEM Chassis IntegrationSingapore New F35 Aircraft Carrier